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Efeito da prática de instrumentos musicais nas disfunções temporomandibulares e distúrbios do sono

Lígia Gabrielle Sanches Mariotto, Kátia Alessandra de Souza Caetano, Carla Larissa Vidal, Andréa Cândido dos Reis


The aim of this study was to evaluate the relation among recreational practice of musical instruments, temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), and sleep disturbances in a sample of musicians that are members of orchestras in a southeast area of Brazil. The participants practice playing instruments as a leisure activity. Method: this was a cross-sectional study with two groups. The comparison group included members from the general population.  Both group included 43 adults, being 14 women and 29 men. The mean age of comparison group is 28.35 (±4.867), and the mean age of musician group is 28.37 (±6.712). The participants completed self-rated questionnaires to assess TMDs symptoms and sleep disturbance. Results: tThe groups did not differ regarding the presence of TMDs symptoms, sleep disturbance, and demographic variables. A strong and negative correlation was observed between TMDs and time of playing a musical instrument. The participants with less practice in years in playing a musical instrument have 8.57 more chance of having TMDs than the musicians with a long history of playing an instrument. Conclusion: it seems that a long history of practicing a musical instrument as a leisure activity is associated with a lower chance of developing TMDs. This study reinforces the benefits of playing a musical instrument as a leisure activity to physical health, specifically, as a protective factor to developing TMDs. 


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome; Temporomandibular joint disorder; Sleep disorders; Sleep; Music;

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2357-8041.clrd.2015.122872

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