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Association between disc displacement without reduction and temporomandibular joint derangement observed on magnetic resonance imaging

Juliane Piragine Araujo, Marcelo Eduardo Pereira Dutra, Karina Cecilia Panelli Santos


This study aimed to assess possible associations between the following factors: articular disc anatomy and position; articular eminence and condyle morphology; presence of joint effusion; condyle mobility; and lateral pterygoid muscle insertion pattern. Magnetic resonance images of 33 joints of symptomatic patients were assessed. The articular disc was classified as normal, elongated, or folded; displacement was classified as normal, lateral, or medial; the condyle was classified as rounded, convex, flattened, or angulated; the articular eminence was classified as box, sigmoid, flattened, or deformed; condyle mobility was classified as normal, hypomobile, or hypermobile; and the lateral pterygoid muscle insertion pattern was classified as Type I, Type II, or Type III. The most frequent forms of articular disc, articular eminence, and condyle were folded, flattened, and flattened, respectively. There can be a relationship connecting TMJ mobility with a normal disc form (100%); TMJ hypomobility with a folded disc form (48%); and TMJ hypermobility with an elongated disc form (100%). Magnetic resonance imaging allowed the clear observation of articular structures, and no association was found between insertion pattern and sideways disc position, disc form, and condyle form. All cases with joint effusion were related to hypomobility (100%). 


Pterygoid Muscles; Temporomandibular Joint; Temporomandibular Joint Disc; Mandibular Condyle; Magnetic Resonance Imaging

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2357-8041.clrd.2015.127551

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